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Structural Defect Reports

ricsIt is sometimes the case that after a general survey, either a Home Buyers or Building Survey Report has been carried out, that some aspects of iStock_000021635977XSmallthe property require further investigation. In Southport particularly there are varying soil types, from sand in the Town Centre, clay to the Northern end and peat to the Eastern side. All have varying different load-bearing capacities.

Structural stability is the most important aspect of a dwelling to be purchased. Cracking and other signs of subsidence or settlement in the building may require further investigation to determine whether or not it is ongoing.

Those further investigations may include the following:

  • Trial holes to assess soil profile & foundation type
  • A drains test to confirm that underground drains are watertight
  • Lintel or beam exposure
  • An assessment of the cavity wall ties
  • An assessment of rot infestation to timbers

At Failed LintelEdward Jackson, our Surveyors are highly qualified in carrying out structural investigations & assessment to determine what remedial works are required to ensure long-term structural stability.

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